Review by The City Lane

“MELBOURNE | Atticus Finch is practically a Brunswick East institution, and has been serving up quality drinks to locals for almost 10 years. What’s the secret to its success? Well it’s stayed true to it’s original ethos and has always eschewed trends in favour of getting the important things right, and being a true local’s bar. There’s a sign that hangs in the venue that reads “We like our vineyards and brewers small and independent” and indeed the beers and wines here are excellent, showcasing the best that small producers from Australia and overseas have to offer. Cocktails are fantastic too, and range from the classics to more interesting concoctions.

Food is simple and designed to go with the drinks. Think terrine, charcuterie and sausage. We also suspect someone Croatian is involved in the venue because there’s usually something Croatian inspired on the food menu, and we’ve quite often seen Croatian wines on offer too, which you don’t see that often in Melbourne.

The space itself is cozy and contains a variety of spaces. There are couches at the front, stools and benches in the middle and, if you walk down the corridor to the back, a surprisingly large courtyard complete with pool table in a renovated shed and seating in which to enjoy the sun. The music is eclectic, and quite often there’s a DJ spinning vinyl.

If you’re in Brunswick East and looking for a cozy place to sit back and enjoy with your friends over a drink or two, Atticus Finch should definitely be on your radar.”